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Manufacturer Part Number




Country of Origin




For Use With

DYMO LabelWriter 400 and 450 printers.(1)

HP 2100, 2100M, 2100Se, 2100TN, 2100Xi, 2200, 2200d, 2200dn, 2200dse, 2200dt, 2200dtn, 2300, 2300D, 2300DN, 2300DTN, 2300L, 2300N, 2410, 2420, 2420d, 2420dn, 2420n, 2430, 2430dtn, 2430n, 2430t, 2430tn 2500, 2500L, 2500Lse, 2500n, 2500TN, 2550L, 2550Ln, 2550n, 3700, 3700dn, 3700dtn, 3700n, 3800, 3800DN, 3800DTN, 3800N, 4000, 4000N, 4000T, 4000TN, 4050, 4050N, 4050se, 4050T, 4050TN, 4100, 4100DTN, 4100N, 4100TN, 4200, 4200DTN, 4200DTNS, 4200DTNSL, 4200L, 4200Ln, 4200Lvn, 4200N, 4200TN, 4250, 4250dtn, 4250dtnsl, 4250n, 4250tn, 4300, 4300DTN, 4300DTNS, 4300DTNSL, 4300N, 4300TN, 4350dtn, 4350dtnsl, 4350n, 4500, 4500DN, 4500N, 4550, 4550DHN, 4550DN, 4550HDN, 4550N, 4600, 4600dn, 4600dtn, 4600hdn, 4600n, 4610n, 4650, 4650dn, 4650dtn, 4650hdn, 4650n, 4700, 4700DN, 4700dtn, 4700N, 4700ph+, 5000, 5000DN, 5000GN, 5000LE, 5000N, 5100, 5100DTN, 5100Le, 5100se, 5100TN, 5200, 5200dtn, 5200L, 5200n, 5200tn, 5500, 5500dn, 5500dtn, 5500hdn, 5500n, 5550, 5550dn, 5550dtn, 5550hdn, 5550n, 8000, 8000DN, 8000N, 8100, 8100DN, 8100N, 8150, 8150DN, 8150HN, 8150MFP, 8150N, 9000, 9000DN, 9000HN, 9000HNF, 9000HNS, 9000N, 9040, 9040dn, 9040n, 9050, 9050dn, 9050dnm, 9050n,8500, 8500DN, 8500DNPlus, 8500GNPlus, 8500N, 8500NPlus, 8550, 8550DN, 8550GN, 8550N, 9500hdn, 9500n, CP3525dn, CP3525n, CP3525x, LJ4100, P3005, P3005d, P3005dn, P3005n, P3005x, P3015D, P3015DN, P3015N, P3015X, P4014, P4014dn, P4014n, P4015dn, P4015n, P4015tn, P4015x, P4515n, P4515TN, P4515x, P4515xm(1)



Operating System Compatibility

Mac OS X 10.3.9; Windows XP, Vista(1)

Windows NT 4.x, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7(1)

Linux: Red Hat Linux 7.x and Later, SUSE Linux 8.x and Later; Mac OS 9.x, OS X 10.2 and Later; Novell NetWare 5.1 and Later; UNIX: HP-UX 10.20, 11.x, 11.i, IBM AIX 3.2.5 and Later, Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.5 and Later; Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7(1)

Network Types

10/100Base-TX Ethernet(3)


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